In this session our main focus will be on developing better understanding and right development of Child. Key areas of discussion will be:

  1. Right Conditioning of child
  2. Right sharing model with child
  3. Child Reflects Parents
  4. Do’s & Don’ts on use of technology & gadgets (Video Games, Play Station, TV, Computers etc.)
  5. Age Cycle changes/development (Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional)
  6. Understanding and discovering Innate Personality and Behavioral traits of Child to adopt an appropriate parenting style for nurturing the child

In this workshop we will try to address concerns/questions like:-

  • My Child seems unable to focus/ Concentrate on one task for long. How can I help?
  • My child acts before he thinks. How can I help him be more reflective?
  • My child is overactive/ hyperactive. What will help?
  • My child always wants something – more toys, more fun, more anything, but he is seldom satisfied when he gets it. What can I do about instability?
  • My child wants my attention all the time and is furious if I pay attention to his brother or sister. What can I do?
  • My child can’t handle changes in routine. Can I make this easier for him?
  • My child watches TV constantly. What can I do?
  • My Child is not good at making friends. He/she is shy in nature. How to improve?
  • My child shows lack of confidence? How to improve?
  • I know he/she knows the answer but he/she is unable to express in a right way?
  • He/she doesn’t like to write. How to encourage him/her to write?
  • How can I improve sharing with my child

And more