In this session our main focus will be on developing better understanding and sharing with Teens.
Key areas of discussion will be:

  1. Changes in Child when he steps into Teen age (Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional)
  2. Appropriate Expectations from teens- Teen is neither a kid any more nor an adult
  3. Creating Rules for Teens-  Firm Rules and Flexible Rules
  4. Improvement in Concentration level
  5. Role of Parents in Right Career Selection of teen
  6. Understanding and discovering Innate/acquired intelligence areas of child

In this workshop we will try to address concerns/questions like:-

  • “Will rules make my teen rebel?”
  • Do peers have more influence than I do with my teen?
  • “What if my teen won’t talk to me?”
  • My child shows lack of confidence? How to improve?
  • How can I improve sharing with my child

And more